Classic Renditions #2

Rubber Band Magic

Rubber Band Magic (Classic Renditions 2) DVD
Rubber Band Magic (Classic Renditions 2) DVD
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Plastic Slimcase
60 min

This all time popular product teaches 3 Rubber Band Magic effects: "The Crazyman's Handcuffs" (where the two bands seem to melt through each other), "Traveling Cash" (where the spectators dollar travels up and down a rubber ladder), and "The Broken and Restored Rubber Band" (where the rubber band is broken, then put back together).

Rubber Band magic tricks are so practical - they are what Michael performs most often in social situations - and in shows too. Great for any magician to learn, and here, with the Super Practice Sessions, it is absolutely the best place to learn these great effects.

Bonus: Two time world champion John Cornelius teaches "The Vanishing Nickel" - the only trick to ever open a TV magic special.

John Cornelius is a guest on the Classic Renditions series and makes an appearance to teach one of his signature effects! John is a very talented and clever close-up magician, and is a FISM gold medal winner.

On "Classic Renditions Volume 2 - Rubber Band Magic" John teaches "The Vanishing Nickel". In this effect, you show your hand outstretched in full view - completely empty. You twist your hand, open again and show a nickel has appeared! You twist your hand again, the nickel is gone!

To perform these effects, you will need #16 rubber bands. We have the great quality rubber bands Michael prefers at this site.

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