Classic Renditions #3

Thumbtip Bill Switch

Thumbtip Bill Switch (Classic Renditions 3) DVD
Thumbtip Bill Switch (Classic Renditions 3) DVD
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Plastic Slimcase
60 min

Michael Ammar's "Classic Renditions Vol. 3" covers "The Invisible Bill Switch" - one of the most demanding yet powerful techniques available to the modern conjuror. With the Super Practice Sessions contained on this DVD,you can master this effect in no time. Turn a $1 into $100! Turn a dollar "inside out!"

As a bonus, FISM winner John Cornelius teaches his 5 minute Borrowed Bill Routine!

John Cornelius appears on the Classic Rendition series to teach you one of his signature effects! John is a very talented and clever close-up magician, and is a FISM gold medal winner.

On "Classic Renditions Volume 3", John teaches his Borrowed Bill routine. This is a stand-up comedy routine featuring a borrowed bill from the audience, that disappears and re-appears in a surprising and funny sequence of events.

We thank John for generous contribution to this project.

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