Sponge Rabbits

3-D Sponge Rabbits
3-D Sponge Rabbits
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Product Description

Perform this classic of magic, now with a wonderful set of sponge bunnies from the first name in sponge: Goshman.

Since 1965, Magic by Gosh has been the premier name in quality magic sponges. Now, they've created some great 3 D rabbits for the multiplying rabbit routine! The set includes 5 baby rabbits, 3 adult rabbits and Michael Ammar routine instructions. Very soft and durable!

So cute, people want to keep them!

For a great way to store your rabbits for easy access, check out the download (below) for The Bunny Cannon.


The Bunny Cannon (download)
The Bunny Cannon for sponge rabbits is a great DIY utility for quick access to your sponge rabbits and a handy way to keep your pocket clutter-free and organized while performing the 3-D Rabbit routine.

3:55 minutes
The Bunny Cannon (download) bcann
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