Coin in Bottle

Coin in Bottle (out of stock)
Coin in Bottle (out of stock)
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Product Description

The Coin in Bottle is an effect you can do close up in a bar or restaurant, just for friends, using any bottle at hand; or you can do it as I do, as an incredible stand up or stage effect almost no one has ever seen - or heard - before; and the sound of that coin rattling inside the bottle could fill an auditorium if you wanted it to. In fact, sound plays such a big role in the Coin in Bottle, its one of the few effects you can perform on the radio!

You could easily spend 100xs more on an illusion that delivers less performance time, and makes less of an impression on an audience. The effect is so simple and clear people can actually remember and describe the effect later on, which is very uncommon!

So why dont more performers use this effect? Because the typical folding coin falls apart too easily. Cutting the groove all around the circumference of the coin is the most difficult part, so a lot of folding coins just arent cut deep enough around the coin.

But Ive finally found a craftsman that takes great pride and puts loving care into the creation of every coin. Among other touches, the groove cut into these coins is 3-4 times deeper than the typical folding coin, and we give you a matching, uncirculated Kennedy half that can be examined.

Were also going to include the hand made "cork" that turns this effect into an almost effortless miracle!

We only have a limited amount, so get yours while you can.

The kit includes:
1 superior folding coin
Extra rubber bands
1 regular matching coin
1 imitation "cork"
1 set of color instructions with Michael's routine.

*Does not come with a bottle. The wine bottle can be found at any grocery or wine store. Michael likes a Riesling wine bottle - with a long tapered neck, flat bottom, clear glass. See photo below

The "cork" is a paper-wrapped imitation cork. Since bottle mouths vary, Michael uses a few layers of transparent tape at the top of the "cork" to make sure it has a taper and won't fall into the bottle.

Michael uses the brand Chateau Ste Michelle Riesling:

Michael's video announcement for this effect:

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