Easy to Master Thread Miracles #2

Easy to Master Thread Miracles 2 - DVD (out of stock)
Easy to Master Thread Miracles 2 - DVD (out of stock)
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"Easy to Master Thread Miracles" Volume 2 contents:

Section 1
Magic Using the I.T.R. (Invisible Thread Reel)
Finn Jon's Mystery Nut and Bolt ala I.T.R.
The Chop Cup Application
Dave Nelson's Dollar Bill Flight
I.T.R. Floating Bill
The Perfect Practice Hookup
Open Face Hookup
Z Grip to Lock the Thread
Hoop Pass; Rotating Hoop Pass
Bloom's Balancing Card
Robert Henry's Ashra Coin
I.T.R. Whirling Card

Section 2
The One-Hand Hookup
Al Baker's Erectile Bill
Socrate's Personal Chi Power

Section 3
The LeClair Hookup Floating Bill
The Whirling Card

Section 4
The One Point Hookup The Animated Straw
The Coin in Beer
Baker's Card from Hat
Whirling Card
Baker's Ring on Pencil

Section 5
John Kennedy's Stealth Retractor
Ammar's Threading the Needle
Care and Feeding of the Stealth Retractor
Rising Business Cards
Rising Card
Self-Turning Page

Section 6
Bonus Guest Star: James George The Floating Pencil
Tips & Theory: Why Threads Break and How To Avoid
Practicing with Threads
Controlling Your Space
The Hierarchy of Astonishment

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