The Exquisite

The Exquisite
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The Exquisite Floating Wine Glass, by Dirk Losander and Michael Ammar.

Imagine being at a cocktail table with friends. You ask to borrow someone's wine glass, still with a bit of wine in it. You drape a cloth napkin over the glass - with a gentle blow, the glass glides away from you. All mouths drop open. Then the glass elegantly lifts off the table and floats above. You ask your friend to hold the other two corners of the napkin, together you lift the napkin up to look under and see the stem and base of the glass, still with the wine in it. Just then the glass jets up even higher.

This is destined to become a classic of magicians. Better than the Zombie, because it is organic.

For a variation, put a cell phone in the glass with a song playing, and you add music and light to the performance.

Dirk and Michael have included printed instructions with the gimmick, as well as a link to an explanatory video.

New enhancements have been made for improved grip.

Grab your's before we run out!

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