Introduction to Coin Magic

Introduction to Coin Magic DVD
Introduction to Coin Magic DVD
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Cardboard sleeve
1 hr 20 min

Magic with coins is a very diverse and fun genre of magic. Imagine astonishing people with the change in your pocket! If you've wanted to get into Coin Magic, but the other videos are too advanced, this tape is for you! Starting from the beginning, Michael leads you through a complete introduction to coins. In easy and understandable language, you will learn all the fundamentals of coin magic.

Also covered here is history, theory and close-up images - taking advantage of the best perspective for teaching.

Have fun exploring the world of Coin Magic!

Contents include:

Fingerpalm; Thumbpalm; Getting into Thumbpalm; Downs Palm; The Back Clip; Finger Clip; Deep Back Clip; A Sure Bet; The Phone Home Pen; Double Your Money; Completely Gone!; What's That in Your Ear!; Coin from Tie; Tricky Trousers; The Natural Lay of the Hand; Simple Take; Simple Put; Schneider Vanish; Le Tourniquet; Reverse French Drop; Classic Fake Transfer; The Slide Vanish; Friction Palm; Spider Vanish; Silver Dollar to 4 Quarters; Half Dollar to 5 Dimes; Coin Thru Table; Simple Coins Across; Misdirection; The Magic Wand; Revolve Load; Thumbpalm Load; Sonic Squeeze; Copper/Silver Transposition; Produce and Complete Vanish; Timing; Coin to Key; GONE!; 1-Minute Coin Vanish; The Thieves, Sheep and the Barn; plus many more!

Customer Comments:

"Your two DVD's are OUTSTANDING. The picture is 1000 percent better than VHS tape!" Jefferson Der

"Just wanted to say how happy I am with the Complete Intro to Coin Magic DVD. I have been trying to master Bobo's Modern Coin Magic for years, and with an 80 minute DVD...I suddenley get it. The explanations were great, the history was nice, and of course the applications and techniques left nothing to be desired. I was looking for a transfer for the Okito box, and the Revolve transfer is just the thing. Thanks!" Rich Dey Green Bay, WI

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