Michael Ammarís Deluxe Cups and Balls

Michael Ammarís Deluxe Cups and Balls
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Product Description

Height: 3 inches
Width: 3 inches (mouth, exterior edges) / 2.75" (interior)
Weight: 10 ounces

Many consider the Cups and Balls to be the greatest classic in all of magic. Houdini said ďI consider no man to be a magician until he can perform the Cups and Balls.Ē

Naturally, our greatest classic deserves our highest standards, and with that goal in mind, our deluxe Cups and Balls set may be the best youíll ever see. This beautiful package is guaranteed for a lifetime, making it one of the only props you will never need to replace or upgrade. 30-40 years from now, these Cups will only be more beautiful and more valuable than they are right now.

Packaged with loving care, these Cups come nestled in a custom designed box. Inside youíll find the heaviest set of cups Iíve ever held, along with 1 1/8thís inch crocheted balls and a velvet carrying bag.

Each Cup is tall, across at the mouth, and weight a hefty 3 pounds. These Cups will be replacing my steel cups made by Auke Van Dokkum cups, which sold for 400 Euros almost 10 years ago.

The beautiful crocheted balls are included, and they handle just right; frequently these balls sell separately for as much as $40. Also included is a velvet bag custom made for carrying and storing your new Cups.

What makes these Cups so special is these were not spun from a brass disk. They were carved from a solid brass bar. This allows for the strongest possible walls, cap and lip. Unbelievably beautiful. Comparable sets sell for hundreds of dollars more.

ammar cup

ammar cups and balls package

ammar cups and balls package
Shown with a 7/8" Mike Rogers Baseball

ammar cups and balls package
Comparison with The Paul Fox Cup

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