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Paul Harris - The Act (download)
Paul Harris - The Act (download)
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In this special issue of the Magical Arts Journal, Paul Harris gives his entire act. In his opening statements, Michael Ammar says:

You, as a reader, are participating in a literary event of genuine historic significance. By making his act available to the readers of the Journal, Paul will undoubtedly give the magic field another shaking up.

To ask, "Who else does this?" would not be the right question. A better question would be, "Who else COULD do this?" How many people do you know with a close-up act of original routines, presentations, and patter that has successfully served them professionally for over a decade? This filter alone eliminates 98% of the magicians I know!

Paul Harris. His entire act. What more needs to be said?

This publication has been out-of-print for years. The original retail price was $18.00. Finally, it's available here as an instant download.

TABLE OF CONTENTS for "Paul Harrris" MAJ:

THE ACT - by Paul Harris

Free Flight
Biological Shuffle
Tap Dancing Aces
An Instant Replay
Real World Invisible Palm
Venezuela Vanish
Wack Your Pack

THE ENCORE - by Paul Harris

Las Vegas Leaper
The False Count

"Paul Harris - A retrospective" by David Harkey
"Making Magic Memorable" by Michael Ammar
"The Paul Harris Close-Up Act" by Michael Ammar
"Performance Contracts" by Jim Kleefeld

Galaxy - Paul Harris & Wyman Jones
A Night At The Improv - Eric Meade
The Self-Folding Bill - Stefan Schutzer

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