The Topit Book 2.0

The Topit Book 2.0
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This is the much-anticipated follow up to Michael Ammar's 1983 publication: "The Topit Book."

A dream come true with the perfect merging of technology and learning. Now - with your iPad, you can not only read the essays and detailed explanations - but also zoom in on illustrations and watch explanatory video clips.

Magician Michael Ammar teaches all the ins-and-outs of using this powerful magic utility device - designed to empower a magician to take his performance to a new level.

Completely updated and re-written, with new sections added - such as "How to Topit While Seated"; 'Hoodie Topits' and the "Haley's Comet" routine.

Lots of color photographs added. Robust with dozens of helpful videos included, this digital Topit Book 2.0 has all you will ever need to learn the Topit. Incredible Illustrations by Richard Kaufman.

20 explanatory video clips
26 color photographs
186 Kaufman illustrations
8 Chapters
168 pages


Foreword by Dai Vernon

Chapter 1 - Topit Psychology and Construction
1.1 The True Power of the Topit
1.2 When to use the Topit
1.3 Comfort Zones
1.4 Time Misdirection
1.5 Why Now for the Topit
1.6 Precautions when using the Topit
1.7 Topit Styles
1.8 The Open Topit
1.9 The Topit Design
1.10 Other Design Concepts

CHAPTER 2 - Basic Topit Actions
2.1 The Downward Toss
2.2 The Smash
2.3 The Direct Toss
2.4 The Open Palm Toss
2.5 The Upward Toss
2.6 The Pinch
2.7 The Circle
2.8 Minus One Toss
2.9 The Gesture
2.10 A Covering Motion
2.11 Back and Forth
2.12 Muscle Pass to Topit
2.13 Keeping the Coat Open
2.14 Bracing the Coat
2.15 Topiting While Seated

CHAPTER 3 - Applications
3.1 The Appearing Coins
3.2 Vanishing Okito Box
3.3 Four Signed Cards to Wallet #1
3.4 Four Signed Cards to Wallet #2
3.5 Handkerchief Deck Switch
3.6 Cards into Case
3.7 Ball and Silk Vanish
3.8 Topiting Fantasio
3.9 Striking Vanish a la Topit
3.10 Vanishing Cigarette
3.11 Smashing
3.12 Haley's Comet

CHAPTER 4 - Endings
4.1 Smashing Coin Magic
4.2 Color Changing Silks
4.3 Matrix Kicker
4.4 Coins Across Ending
4.5 Kicks with Okito

CHAPTER 5 - Contributors
5.1 Michael Weber
5.2 Weber: Silverwhere?
5.3 Weber: A Deep Circle
5.4 Weber: Shelless
5.5 Bob Fitch: Psychological Spheres
5.6 Harry Levine: Impossible

CHAPTER 6 - Professional Routines
6.1 The Vanishing Deck
6.2 The Crooked Deck
6.3 Almost Perfect Ring Flight
6.4 The Electrostatic Coin
6.5 Time Machine
6.6 Coin in Bottle
6.7 General Tips on the Coin in Bottle
6.8 Broken & Restored Watch
6.9 Fabulous Four Coin Routine

CHAPTER 7 - The Topit Years
A photographic retrospective

CHAPTER 8 - Final Thoughts

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