Michael Ammar Lecture Notes 2016

2016 Ammar Lecture Notes
2016 Ammar Lecture Notes
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Product Description

For his 2016 Penguin Magic Experience, Michael prepared a new set of notes to cover the material in the live lecture. Here you will find real gems to add to your repertoire. Full color throughout and heavily photographed, Michael brings his expert instruction for each effect for easy learning.

Table of Contents:
Serial Killer (handkerchief bill switch)
Touched by Numbers (Michael's post-it note add-a-number routine)
Torn & Amazed (Albo Card)
Another Hidden Layer (torn and restored card)
Bill to Nut (dollar bill in peanut routine)
Sheer Surprise (scarf through microphone stand routine)
The Photocopied Card (Xeroxed deck routine with template)
.41 Cent Miracle (coin routine with touching story)

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