Coins Through Silk

Coins Thru Silk
Coins Thru Silk
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Product Description

*All new - larger, extra sheer, with a bit of shine in the fabric! Dimensions are 30" x 30".

This is the scarf Michael uses for "Sheer Surprise"

The effect: You hand out three silver dollars to be inspected. You put them in the sheer scarf and one by one they pass, visibly, through the scarf - with the final coin passing while it's still inside the spectators hand! It is visually arresting. It involves some sleight-of-hand and the use of a very, very sheer (100% nylon) scarf. Once in fashion, these extremely sheer scarves are hard to find these days! Michael developed and performed the 'Coins through Silk' routine for FISM, where he won the Gold Medal in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1982. He recently performed this on his Korean Television Special. Comes with the routine summary (photographed) and one scarf (routine is more thouroghly taught on the our DVD "Easy to Master Money Miracles #3"). The scarf is available in three colors, please choose one: Red (out of stock), White (out of stock) and Light Blue.

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