Ammar Performance Table Instructions (download)

Ammar Performance Table Instructions (download)
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"I recently completed my close up table from the plans that I purchased from you.I love it !It is now the best table I own! I am including a photo I took of my new table." Yours truly, Russ Carsey

"Michael, I just wanted to thank you for making your plans for the table readily available. I completed the table this weekend and couldn't be happier with the result. After a long hiatus, I have a few engagements booked for the Fall, and am looking forward to using the table. I think it gives a very professional impression. The plans were very easy to follow, and the end result was great."


Corbett D. Troyer Indianapolis, IN

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Michael says: "I've been searching for the ideal table for performing stand up, sleight-of-hand magic for over 25 years. I've gone through a lot of tables in that time (Lucite, folding, table-tops, roll-outs, etc.) And after all those experiences - I finally came up with a design that is practical, attractive and perfect for cards, coins, and Cups and Balls in a stand-up performance."

This table has a small lip (to keep balls from rolling off).

It's modifiable (the pad is easily changed with no tools). It's sturdy (it won't wobble). It's thin (so it's not suspect). It's very portable and light (disassembled, it will fit in midsize luggage). It's inexpensive and easy (you can make it for about $30 in about 30 minutes).

You will love this table! If it dings or scratches, you can just spray paint it again - or just build a new one because it's so easy and affordable.

Give it a try! You won't be disappointed.

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