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This is the special "Double Issue" of MAJ featuring the magic from the French magic publication, "Arcane." At the time of this special issue, Arcane was a bi-monthly magazine published in France by Jean Yves Prost and Michel Balandras. The magazine featured the who's-who in magic, and yet was mostly unknown to English-speaking magicians. This was the English language debut. Michael was allowed to hand-pick material from the 13 year old publication to include in the this double issue. See the incredible table of contents below. The issue even includes the Hofzinser Spread Control, which Michael uses frequently in his routines.


The Man Behind Arcane - page 1 Flip Pen-Cy (by Flip) - page 1 Considerations on the Management and Handling of the Key Card - by Roberto Giobbi - page 6 The Monsters Tongue - James Hodges - page 13 Me, Knot You! - James Hodges - page 14 Ten Tips on Telling Jokes - Bruce Gold - page 15 The Natural Lay of the Hand (essay by Michael Ammar) page 16 Make It Happen - by Samuel Patrick Smith - page 21 The Little Cracker - by Duraty - page 22 The False Turn Over of a Coin - by Joaquin Navasas & Jean Phillippe Pradel - page 25 The Ghost Glass - by Duraty - page 27 The Hofzinser Spread Control - by J. N. Hofzinser - page 30

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