Aspen Bar Magic - Special MAJ Issue (download) (CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE)

Aspen Bar Magic - Special MAJ Issue (download) (CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE)
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This is a very special and final issue of the Magical Arts Journal - a magazine published by Michael Ammar and Adam J. Fleischer in the mid-1980's. This is Volume 3, Issues 1-5. The Aspen Bar Magic issue covers Doc Eason, of the Tower Bar and Restaurant in Aspen, Colorado, as well as other famous bar magicians. It is loaded with world-class bar and restaurant magic! Michael Ammar includes some of his best material, as does many other contributors.

The back cover of the issue states:

What makes this issue so special?

The Tower is one of the most successful magic bars in the world, and between these covers you'll find out why. Doc Eason has been the resident magician at John Denver's Tower Magic Bar and Restaurant for over a decade. He reveals The True Secrets of Bar Magic, The Anatomy of a Magic Bar, Elements of Bar Magic, Relationship Strategies for a Magic Bartender, Bar Diplomacy and some of the Bar Bits that keep the bar hopping. Is this information special? No matter how clever he is, no magician can pull this information out of the air. Only years of on-the-job training can produce the kind of knowledge you'll find here.

Bar magic is strong magic, and this book contains reputation makers. If this magic makes that strong an impression in a bar, can you imagine the impact it will have when you perform it?


Performance Material: Doc Eason's $100 Card On Ceiling Thru Ceiling Fan The Reputation Making Multiple Selection and Location of Fifteen Selected Cards The Crystal Ball JC Wagner's Handling and Presentation for The Glass Thru Bar Secrets of Mullica's Behind the Bar Preparations, by Tom Mullica The Animation of Silver The Barside Production of Live Goldfish Contributions from Bob Sheets, Steve Spill and Eric Mead The Floating Bill by Michael Ammar The Bottle Production by Michael Ammar

Essay's The Inverted Bell Curve The Process to Effect Ratio The Pocket O' Mystery The Magic Bartender's Blues

Special: Special poster of Doc Eason created by Disney artist Greg Manwaring

Special Bonus: The Sugar Trick (A Tribute to the Great Heba Haba Al) by Bob Sheets

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