At The Table - Michael Ammar

At The Table - Michael Ammar
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This brand new lecture series features an in-depth and casual conversation with Michael Ammar – a Master Class. Host Joshua Jay, has Michael walk us through his “The Late Show with David Letterman” appearance and how that show differed from his appearance on “The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson”. Michael goes in-depth on the unique preparation needed for a modern talk show performance. Michael also discusses competitions, how he structures his set, how he manages his audience and his philosophy on stage fright. You will learn what inspires Michael and where he believes the magic profession is heading.

Some of the effects performed and studied on this DVD:

• The 4 effects performed on the Letterman show

• Broken and Restored Screen

• Crazy Man’s Handcuffs

• Pencil Through Coin (including a new twist)

• Topit Work

• And more….

2:09 hrs

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