Carinthian Deck

Carinthian Deck
Carinthian Deck
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Product Description

Complete poker-size deck, with 2 jokers, and 1 double-backer.
Carinthian design

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Itís hard to blow my mind these days. Particularly if I start out with high expectations. And since Iíve always considered Hannah to be a genius, well.... I confess! Iíve grown to expect great things from my wife!

But when I saw the back design she was creating, I was in awe! No kidding... You couldíve knocked me over with a feather!

What was it that blew me away? Watching her draw every line of the Carinthian design by hand. By hand! I kid you not.... I saw it happening with my own eyes!

I mean... I thought that sortaí thing was done by some monk who devoted his entire life to such tasks. Or maybe by some counterfeiter serving a life sentence!? Maybe I need to get out more... but watching her draw the Carinthian design was like watching magic!

But hey, I can tell... Iím gushing here, arenít I? But it was like watching a Unicorn walk across the lawn! (Oops... Sorry...) Look. Iíll show you a picture of Hannahís Carinthian Deck Design and then Iíll move on to the quality of the deck itself, okay? But Iím just saying... donít you love it?

Using the highest grade casino stock and air-cushion finish, this deck feels great and handles like a dream. Itís a beautiful, superior tool any serious card mechanic would love!

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