Cups & Balls #1 DVD

Cups and Balls 1 - DVD
Cups and Balls 1 - DVD
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Cardboard sleeve
* 90 min

The Cups and Balls is a classic of magic every magician should study. A "rite of passage" that distinguishes the truly serious, it puts into context so many magic principles that one might become a better magician overall, simply by mastering this effect. Secrets and techniques are revealed in the prefect pattern for effective learning. Volume One builds a deep foundation of fundamentals, and concludes with an impromptu routine you can perform almost anyplace. Then you'll learn about Timing, Acting, Routining and Misdirection, as well as how to transfer those skills into other magical performances.

Fundamental Props

Top of the Cup
Holding Out
Fake Transfer
The Steal
Loading (Secret/Actual/Fake)
The Dirty Hand
The Clean Hand
The Inertia Move)
Basic Nesting
The Super Simple Routine

Fundamental Skills #1
Methods of Holding Out

Thumb and Classic Palm
Beginning Sleights
Fake Transfer
French Drop
Classic Pass
Simple Transfer
Misdirecting by the wand)
Secretly Loading a Ball Into a Cup
From Finger Palm
Thumb Palm
Direct from Palm
The Tip Over Load
Loading a Nested Cup
Stealing from a Tabled Cup
Two Finger Steal
Simply Holding Inside
The Two Finger Steal out and
Spin Around to Show Empty
Stealing from Nested Cup
Little Finger Retention/Steal
Nesting Rolling Steal

Fundamental Skills #2 Timing
Faking the Load

The Scoop
The Scoop Clip
The Pinch Method
The Fake Roll Out
Cool Cup Moves
Passing One Through Another
Wand Through Cup
Showing Inside Deeper Than Outside
Showing a Ball Inside and Empty Cup
Rolling a Cup
Pulling a Ball Up Through a Cup
The Charlie Miller Move
The Mendoza Move
Click Move
Flustration Count Tip-Off of "Fako" Move
Galloping Post Move
Centrifugal Move

Fundamental Skills #3

2nd Level Routine

Fundamental Skills #4

The 4 Ball, 3 Cup, 1 Final Load Routine
The Impromptu Routine

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