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During a memorable conversation with Dai Vernon on Final Loads for the Cups and Balls, the Professor singled out fruit as his personal favorite.

But eventually, the decision to regularly use fresh fruit as props becomes a pain. Sometimes you canít find fruit that fits your cups, or your favorite fruit is out of season, or you forget to buy fresh fruit before the show or you forget and leave them to rot in your briefcase for two weeks, and so on....

These things fueled my quest to find perfect fake fruit. A lot of beautiful fakes taught me there is more to a Final Load than great looks; it has to have the right texture, weight and even the sound of placing it on the table has to be right.

Eventually we found a place that made perfect rubber replicas of anything. The result was the first set of Fab Fruit - fake fruit so good it even fooled me!

Since then, our original source went out of business, and the original batch of Fab Fruit has been out of stock for almost 3 years. But finally, thereís good news and bad news: We are making them ourselves.

The good news.... The new Fab Fruit is truly amazing! The bad news..... Every piece of Fab Fruit is literally a piece of art! Made entirely by hand, every mark and color is individually applied, so there can be minor imperfections, and it's labor intensive.

So although my quest was successful, sadly, the Fab Fruit is unsustainable as a magic product. But so many people have asked for Fab Fruit over the last year, I felt like something needed to be done. (If only to replace my own working set which I gave away!)

We will do our best to keep them in stock but please know keeping them in stock is not as easy as we would like.

Check back often as the varieties and stock levels will fluctuate.

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