Details on the Topit Book 2.0

Details on The Topit Book

The Topit Book

Imagine the power to make almost anything in your hands disappear.

Being able to make almost anything disappear, probably more than anything else, makes me feel like a magician. With the Topit I can amaze a person with anything he puts in my hands! Without warning or need to prepare.

The Topit is a powerful, elegantly Low - Tech device that transforms your coat into an amazing ally; it has no moving parts, but it can always-be-ready without restricting any movements or getting in the way.

For over 35 years, while I taught magicians all over the world how to use the Topit, they were teaching me... Literally thousands of magicians taught me what problems and challenges they ran into, and from then I learned how to prevent those problems in the first place. In fact, using the system for learning the Topit taught in The Topit Book 2.0, you might be doing things in a single afternoon that couldíve taken 6 months to learn through trial and error.

Whether you perform close-up or stand-up magic, the Topit can create Vanishes and Productions that simply arenít possible using any other method, so any student hoping to master any genre of magic should consider an understanding of the Topit as a natural rite-of-passage.

The Topit Design

After 35 years the design has evolved into the most solid, dependable form Iíve ever used. Even if a tailor has no idea what the Topit is, he or she can use the complete sewing instructions to install a Topit into as many coats as youíd like.

Iíve rewritten and updated everything to include insights than can only come from teaching the Topit to thousands of magicians for over thirty years. Because one of the most important things Iíve learned is you can master the Topit in a fraction of the time if you follow a very specific sequence as you learn to use it. Unfortunately, if you donít go about learning it in the right way, you might actually be hurting yourself every time you practice!


Completely updated and re-written, with new sections added - such as "How to Topit While Seated"; 'Hoodie Topits' and the "Haley's Comet" routine.

Lots of color photographs added. Robust with dozens of helpful links to online videos, the Topit Book 2.0 has all you will ever need to learn the Topit.

Incredible Illustrations by Richard Kaufman.

200 Pages
20 explanatory video links
26 color photographs
186 Kaufman illustrations
8 Chapters


Foreword by Dai Vernon

Chapter 1 - Topit Psychology and Construction

The True Power of the Topit
When to use the Topit
Comfort Zones
Time Misdirection
Why Now for the Topit
Precautions when using the Topit
Topit Styles
The Open Topit
The Topit Design
Other Design Concepts

CHAPTER 2 - Basic Topit Actions

The Downward Toss
The Smash
The Direct Toss
The Open Palm Toss
The Upward Toss
The Pinch
The Circle
Minus One Toss
The Gesture
A Covering Motion
Back and Forth
Muscle Pass to Topit
Keeping the Coat Open
Bracing the Coat
Topiting While Seated

CHAPTER 3 - Applications

The Appearing Coins
Vanishing Okito Box
Four Signed Cards to Wallet #1
Four Signed Cards to Wallet #2
Handkerchief Deck Switch
Cards into Case
Ball and Silk Vanish
Topiting Fantasio
Striking Vanish a la Topit
Vanishing Cigarette
Haley's Comet

CHAPTER 4 - Endings

Smashing Coin Magic
Color Changing Silks
Matrix Kicker
Coins Across Ending
Kicks with Okito

CHAPTER 5 - Contributors

Michael Weber
Weber: Silverwhere?
Weber: A Deep Circle
Weber: Shelless
Bob Fitch: Psychological Spheres
Harry Levine: Impossible

CHAPTER 6 - Professional Routines

The Vanishing Deck
The Crooked Deck
Almost Perfect Ring Flight
The Electrostatic Coin
Time Machine
Coin in Bottle
General Tips on the Coin in Bottle
Broken & Restored Watch
Fabulous Four Coin Routine

CHAPTER 7 - The Topit Years

A photographic retrospective

CHAPTER 8 - Final Thoughts

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