Easy to Master Business Card Magic

Easy to Master Business Card Miracles
Easy to Master Business Card Miracles
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Plastic dvd case

A free plastic practice "Showcase wallet" comes inside this DVD.

Michael Ammar's "Easy to Master Business Card Miracles" contains 12 magic effects you can perform with you business card! Also included is a Showcase Wallet, a $10 value, free! You may not get a chance to perform a show for every potential client, but you can always hand out your business card - and why not do it magically? Chances are if you do - that person will keep your card longer, and remember you better!

Contents of "Easy to Master Business Card Miracles":

Business Band-It

Rising Profits

Magnetic Personality

The Incredible Business Machine

Self-Printing Business Cards

Super Self-Printing Business Cards

Good for One Free Lunch

Will the Cards Match Hard Cash

Magic Words

The Showcase Wallet

Bennett's Business Merger

Start making magic your business now!

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