Easy to Master Card Miracles #5

Easy to Master Card Miracles 5 - DVD
Easy to Master Card Miracles 5 - DVD
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cardboard sleeve
108 minutes

"The Easy to Master Card Miracles" series contains the greatest collection of classic card magic ever gathered in one place. This is the number one recommended product in magic shops worldwide for those wishing to learn powerful, professional card magic.

Michael has searched through thousands of card effects to bring you the true gems. This exquisitely produced dvd contains the finest magic instruction available.


Virginia City Shuffle (Martin Lewis, Louis Falanga, John Luka)
Another Quick Coincidence (Allan Ackerman)
Henry Christ's Fabulous Four Ace Trick (Henry Christ)
Cards Into Card Box (Mark Lefler)
The Gun Trick (Ken Krenzel)
Card on Ceiling (Michael Ammar)
Torn & Restored Card (J.C. Wagner)
Hofzinser All Backs (Harry Riser)
Grasshopper (Paul Harris)
Out of Sight, Out of Mind (Dai Vernon)

** These are now packaged in custom printed paperboard jackets. NO BONUS EFFECTS ARE INCLUDED IN THIS DVD**

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