Easy to Master Money Miracles #2

Easy to Master Money Miracles 2 - DVD
Easy to Master Money Miracles 2 - DVD
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Cardboard sleeve
80 minutes

"The Easy to Master Money Miracles" series is all great magic with money: coins and paper currency. The "Easy to Master Money Miracles" are broadcast quality and feature Michael doing what he loves best: teaching!

Similar to the "Easy to Master Card Miracles" series, a wish list was created by Michael and his team and then hand-picked down to only the very best. Then, permission was sought and granted for inclusion on these titles. We'd like to thank the creators of these wonderful effects for generously allowing their use here.

Your audiences will appreciate magic with money because they appreciate money! Many of the effects on these DVD's are just great classics! We know you'll find an effect on each to make it worth more than the cost of the DVD itself.

As Louis Falanga of L&L Publishing puts it, "Michael Ammar's 'Easy to Master' series continues to be our best selling titles ever - you just can't beat them!"

Money magic tricks taught on "Easy to Master Money Miracles #2":

**Please note that our current supply of this dvd has the volume 1 play list on the jacket. This error is only on the jacket. The DVD contains the effects listed below.**

Shadow Coins (Roth & Ammar)
BeSwitched (George Hample)
Coin Flurry & Jumbo Production
Sensory Control (Bob Elliott)
Cross of India (Daryl)
Copper Silver Transpo
The $2 Bill Tear (Bert Jacques & Gene Keeney)
Sonic Squeeze (Michael Ammar)
The 4 Coin Roll Down (Manuel)
Expansion of Texture (Dai Vernon & L'Homme Masque)

** These are now packaged in custom printed paperboard jackets. No bonus effects are included in this dvd.**

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