Exciting World of Magic

Exciting World of Magic DVD
Exciting World of Magic DVD
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Cardboard sleeve
1 hr 28 min

Michael Ammar's "Exciting World of Magic" is the perfect introduction to the wonderful world of magic! Do you know people who say, "I've always wanted to learn magic and get involved, but I didn't know how". Well, now there is a project that addresses this very subject.

This video/dvd was written by Michael Ammar and explains the world of magic: conventions, clubs, magazines, etc - as well as some really great, easy to understand fundamental magic! It is his professional advice on things he wishes he had known when he was starting out in magic.

Contained is advice on buying magic, joining clubs, attending conventions, subscribing to magazines, easy tricks vs. hard tricks, practice, the basic rules, etc.

Furthermore, you'll find step-by-step instructions on many types of magic, including: mind-reading, cards, coins, sponges, strings, finger rings, rubber bands, balloons and more.

This is the first project of it's kind - really addressing the questions of the newly interested in magic. A great first step into the exciting world of magic!

Customer Comment: "Your two DVD's are OUTSTANDING! The picture is 1000 percent better than VHS tape." Jefferson Der

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