Fab Fruit: Lemon

Fab Fruit: Lemon
Item# ff-lem

Product Description

These Fab Fruit have been re-molded and fit better than ever!

Michael searched high and low to find final loads that look and feel just like real produce. It can be difficult at times to find the right produce at the market - so these give you the ability to always have the perfect final loads, wherever you go.

Our Fab Fruit have been custom made to fit most cups, they look great and don't have a fake feel. They have the same weight a real piece of fruit would have.

This lemon has a vibrant yellow color, shiny skin and fits the Paul Fox cups and similar.

*UV Sensitive. Keep out of direct sunlight.


Fab Fruit - Tangerine (out of stock)
We are happy to offer an all new Fab Fruit: The Tangerine! It has a vibrant orange color and such a realistic hand-painted stem. The perfect fruit for a Cups and Balls Final Load!

We also have a Fab Fruit Orange. You can see the shape comparison below.

This item, like all the Fab Fruit, is UV sensitive. Keep out of sunlight.

This item is currently out of stock!
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