MAJ Deluxe Collector's Edition

MAJ - Magical Arts Journal Deluxe
MAJ - Magical Arts Journal Deluxe
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Signed and Numbered, leather-bound deluxe limited edition copies. Limited to 300 copies. 8.5x11. 564 pages.

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: please note this is a very heavy book (1.9 kg).

The Art and Business of Magic

The Magical Arts Journal is a ground breaking magical publication devoted to both the art and business of magic that was published and edited by FISM world champion magician Michael Ammar and magic publishing and event production innovator Adam J. Fleischer.

You’ll find timeless business insights, original performance material and priceless tips and advice about the work and money in magic from close up and stand up magic professionals who were making their living on cruise ships, in comedy clubs, at trade shows and private parties.

The artists who contributed to The Magical Arts Journal are a Who’s Who List of influential magic thinkers and the most successful full-time pros of the 1980’s, including: Dai Vernon, Larry Jennings, Tommy Wonder, Paul Harris, John Kennedy, Jay Sankey, John Cornelius, David Roth, Martin Gardner, Jamy Ian Swiss, Chris Kenner, Roberto Giobbi, Doc Eason, Eric Mead, Richard Sanders, Gary Kurtz and many more.

Within the covers of this compendium of every issue of the Journal published, these experienced pros reveal the secrets to their performance material, provide in-depth essays and columns about lessons learned on-the-job, and deliver commentary, reviews, ideas, finesse and other thought provoking content.

Originally released between 1986 and 1990, The Magical Arts Journal is a chronicle of the art and business of performance magic during those exciting, pivotal years.

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