MAJ Triple Issue (Download)

MAJ Cups & Balls Issue (download) (CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE)
MAJ Cups & Balls Issue (download) (CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE)
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Product Description

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This is a special Triple Issue of the Magical Arts Journal magazine, published by Michael Ammar. This issue represents Volume 2 - issue 4, 5 & 6.

It features Michael's full Stand Up Material - including his award-winning Cups and Balls routine! It contains beautiful illustrations by Disney animation artist Greg Manwaring - including "flip corners" to show in motion the Vernon Wand Spin.

See the fantastic list of contents below - it is amazing, and for such a little price!


Editors Notes - page 2
Stand Up Cups & Balls (the result of 5 years of thought on the classic)- page 2
Thumb Tip Finesse (several new moves, combined with theory, on one of magic's most versitle tools) - page 1
Linking Bands Pinch - (Michael's touches on Dan Harlan's wonderful effect) - page 6
The Vernon Wand Spin (one of magic's most beautiful knuckle-busters, explained properly for the first time) - page 22
Martin Gardner's Impromptu Match (The Dean of Impromptu Magic speaks!) - page 24
The Two Card Trick (Michael's favorite card quickie) - page 26
The Linking Rubber Bands (Dan Harlan's Impromptu Close Up Blockbuster) - page 28


Restaurant Routines (the Bending Spoon)- page 34
Professional Close Up (Street Magic) - page 42
Ask the Experts - page 33
Ideas (Jamy Ian Swiss) - page 46
On Magic Competition II (Ammar) - page 47

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