MAJ v1-3 (download)

MAJ v1-3 (download)
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Product Description

This is the third issue of the magazine, "Magical Arts Journal" published by Michael Ammar and Adam Fleischer. Published October, 1986, 20 pages.

There are 4 great effects, 3 informative essays on working in magic, 2 editorial reports, and 2 inspiring theoretical essays.


Editorial "The Logo Changes" - Adam Fleischer "Secret Service Report 001" - Joe Givan

Work and Money "How to Book Yourself by Mail" - Samuel Patrick Smith "Restaurant Magic - The First Night" - Charles Greene "Cruise Ship Magic - How to Get Booked - Doug Anderson

Performance "Black Holes Thru & Thru" - Joe Givan "The Magic Napkin" - Johnny Lindholm "Slicker Coins Thru Silk" - Dave Berry "Original Card Rolling Production" - Marcia Tendo

Art "Ideas" - John Cornelius "Coin Finesse" - David Roth

Each issue is loaded with great advice and information for the working professional, from a "who's-who" list of magic stars. MAJ has been out-of-print yet in high demand for years - and available now - instantly!

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