MAJ v1-4 (download)

MAJ v1-4 (download)
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This is a downloadble issue of the magic magazine published by Michael Ammar and Adam J. Fleischer in the mid-1980's. This is the 4th issue of the first year. This magazine is geared for the true working professional, and every issue is packed with expert advice on the work, money and performance of magic.


Editorial - "Knock, Knock" by Adam J. Fleischer Work & Money - "Booking Yourself" Series (Making it Pay & Contracts) by Sammy Patrick Smith Restaurant Magic - (Fees & Tips) by Charles Greene Cruise Ship Magic by Doug Anderson PERFORMANCE "Ring in Saltshaker" by Thomas Hierling "This Is Only A Test" by T.C. Tahoe "Harry Lorayne's Snapped" by Michael Ammar "Band Display" by A. Berkeley Davis "Signed Stunner" by Eric Mead ART "The First 30 Seconds" by Jay Sankey "Coin Finesse" by David Roth "Hat Juggling" by Charlie Frye

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