MAJ v1-5 & 6 Double Issue (download)

MAJ v1-5 & 6 Double Issue (download)
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Product Description

This is a downloadble issue of the magic magazine published by Michael Ammar and Adam J. Fleischer in the mid-1980's. This is the 4th issue of the first year. This magazine is geared for the true working professional, and every issue is packed with expert advice on the work, money and performance of magic.


EDITORIAL Double Surprise – Adam J. Fleischer The MAJ Mail Box – From Readers Inside Magic 1986 – Stan Allen Secret Service Report 002 – James Lewis New Waves – Michael Ammar

WORK & MONEY Restaurant Magic (Performance Tips) – Charles Greene The Comedy Club Circuit (Why & How Comedy Clubs?) - John Ferrentino Booking Yourself (Booking Yourself with Posters) – Samuel Patrick Smith

PERFORMANCE Business Cardfusion – Greg Eanes Mind Over Matter – Bob Nixon The Almost Human Cannon Ball – Jay Sankey Alchemy – Alphonso Alchemy Variation – Michael Ammar Lottery Fever – James Lewis “Old Wine in New Bottles” (Premiere!) Chip Of The Old Block – Mitch Williams “Theatre Pieces” (Premiere!)

ART Hat Juggling – Charlie Frye Choose A Spectator-Assistant – Jay Sankey Coin Finesse – David Roth Ideas – John Kennedy

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