Michael Ammar Deluxe Magic Wand (Limited Colors)

Michael Ammar Deluxe Magic Wand (Limited Colors)
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Product Description

Michael Ammarís Deluxe Magic

The wand plays such an important role in a Cups and Balls routine, I eventually had to design a wand with the ideal specs for what I needed to accomplish with it. I called it The Mercury Wand, and it was a specific length, weight and circumference for spins, bits and techniques I wanted to use.

We still feature The Mercury Wand, with its classic black and silver motif, but Iím delighted to say I was finally able to commission a beautiful, natural wood wand with the perfect specs for the Cups and Balls. This is a deluxe wand, but itís made for professional useÖ

The Length - It matters because too long gets in the way of performing any spinning flourishes, and too short takes away the nice, distant reach for tapping or turning over the Cups while you seem to be too far away to do anything.

The Weight - Too heavy and the wand can fly out of your hand, and being too light means it wonít spin as well. The correct weight gives the wand its own momentum during a spinning flourish.

Circumference - Sometimes I need to conceal things while holding the wand; at other times, I need to use the wand to steal a ball from the other hand. A Ďskinnyí wand makes doing those things much easier than with a thicker wand.

Balance - Sometimes a wand that is constructed from several parts can be out of balance, or with a center of gravity that isnít exactly in the center of the wand. Balance was one of the highest priority when designing the Deluxe wand, making it prefect for any of the spinning flourishes and techniques.

The natural wood grain lends a beautiful authenticity to the prop, giving it the feel of something made by hand with loving care.

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