Official Mike Rogers Baseballs

Mike Rogers Baseballs
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Product Description

A Michael Ammar Magic Exclusive!

The ball preferred most by professional magicians for the Cups and Balls - the Official Mike Rogers Baseballs are available again and better than ever!

Hand-sewn white leather with red stitching, these balls will last a lifetime. Michael has only used this type of ball for his cups routines. He believes the weight and seam of this ball help to deliver the best performance.

The balls are available as several size and types: MINI (Set of 4 balls. 7/8 inch or 22 mm diameter) SMALL (Set of 4 balls. 1 inch or 25 mm diameter). CHOP CUP (magnetic) (Set of 2 balls. 1 inch or 25 mm diameter). FINAL LOAD (1 ball. 2 1/4 inch or 57 mm diameter).

We are the only distributor for the Official Mike Rogers Hand-Sewn Baseballs.

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