We're Going Green! These new minimally packaged DVD's will save you space and money!

NEW Packaging!
NEW Packaging!
Item# minipak

Product Description

Michael prefers not to send out all the plastic in the world that the older DVD cases create.

Initally, the DVD cases were an improvement over the old VHS cassettes - reducing the size by 50%. Then, a few years ago we went to the "slim" DVD cases, reducing the size another 50%. Now we are moving completely away from the environmentally unfriendly plastics to the super-green Mini-Pak - these are tiny, a mere fraction of the size of even the slim cases. It's simply a cardstock envelope.

Personally, we prefer to store our DVD's in a binder, not in the original packaging. It's faster to locate titles, and it takes up much less space on our bookshelves.

The best part of all is that you get the cost benefit of the reduced packaging! While these cannot contain a bonus item that might have accompanied a few of the titles - they are in every way the same quality, full version, that we have always offered.

We appreciate your business and always strive to make you as happy as possible.