Spirit Cabinet Poster

Spirit Cabinet poster
Spirit Cabinet poster
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Commemorates the performance of Michael & Hannah's Spirit Cabinet debut in 2010

This conceptual interpretation of the Willard Spirit Cabinet was created by Hannah. Here draped in a rich blue curtain - the cabinet is swept open to reveal what one might envision the world inside of it to be.

Michael and Hannah, dressed in Victorian inspired attire, watch the spirit lights. Hannah, has taken up residence in the cabinet; the forth generation in her family to do so. As the portal to the spirit world, her dress reveals a skull, and raven.

In her own handwriting, she's written at the top "Willard Spirit Cabinet" and at the bottom are "Michael and Hannah Ammar." She decided to forgo a standard font, and instead opted for a handmade look - as that was a distinction the Willard show always had. Her grandfather, Willard the Wizard, used handmade props, had handmade advertising, and in every performance he shared with his audience his authentic personal style that could not be duplicated. The Spirit Cabinet was often the finale to the Willard shows.

Printed on heavy gloss paper, these limited edition posters are 17"x22".

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