Classic Renditions #1

The Floating Bill

The Floating Bill (Classic Renditions 1) DVD
The Floating Bill (Classic Renditions 1) DVD
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60 min

Classic Renditions #1 is all about The Floating Bill. Michael tells you all the details and advice about how to perform this effect. It is perhaps the one trick that gets the best reaction when performed under the right conditions.

See how Michael blew Johnny Carson away with the Floating Bill - then master it.

Invisible thread is sold seperately.

As a bonus on the DVD is FISM Gold Medalist John Cornelius teaching "The Coin that Falls Up"

John Cornelius is a guest on the Classic Renditions series and makes an appearance to teach one of his signature effects! John is a very talented and clever close-up magician, and is a FISM gold medal winner.

On "Classic Renditions Vol.1 - The Floating Bill", John teaches "The Coin that Falls Up". This is an effect where the method is as interesting as the effect! You simply put a coin in your hand, positing your hand above it - and it 'falls up' to your waiting hand.

We thank John for his generous contribution to this project.

We appreciate your business and always strive to make you as happy as possible.