The Two Dollar Bill Tear

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Product Description

A $2 bill is visibly torn into two $1 bills. Then with a shake, the $1's change back into the original $2 bill! You get a real $2 bill and two real $1 bills and your handmade gimmick comes to you ready to perform. Full color photos and highlighted instructions by Michael Ammar show you exactly what to do. Almost as simple as just folding and unfolding a bill, and yet this is more than just a visual surprise -- it's mystifying magic. Because the gimmick automatically resets itself for the next performance, this is the perfect money trick to always carry with you. At any time, under any conditions, you'll be ready to amaze someone, without looking like you always walk around with a pocket full of magic props.

Keep in mind, the effect comes with $4.00 inside, so the price is really just $10.

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