Topit Book Deluxe Collector's Package

Topit Book Deluxe Package
Topit Book Deluxe Package
Item# tbdx

Product Description

Topit Book Deluxe Package

200 pages
Leather bound

Read about the new Topit Book 2.0

200 pages
Leather Hardbound
Signed and Numbered
Includes Bonus Package

This is the new Topit Book 2.0, but upgraded as a collector's Limited Edition copy. Each book is signed and numbered by Michael. Leather-bound with gold foil imprint.

Each Limited Edition will include this Deluxe Package!
One Deluxe Topit Book 2.0
A Regular Edition Topit Book 2.0
The Digital Edition Topit Book 2.0 (PDF, EPub, Mobi formats)
The Topit Pattern
A Topit Poster

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