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First Method

One method is to offer 75 minutes for just $35. Over the years I've found some things work better than others for workshops, so I come in ready to feature several different effects using cards, coins and rubber bands, while at the same time I remain open to any questions or special requests made by people at that workshop.Sometimes a request may take too long to address effectively for the entire group, or it may require conditions I can't control, but I'll still touch on it the best I can at the time. Sometimes a person will let me know in advancehe wants tobe sure aparticular topic is covered,and sometimes an entire group will ask for a specific topic, such as the Topit, Rubber Bands, or Threads. I'm open for that, as well, particular when I have the time to prepare a good experience for everyone. For example, if I know everyone wants a Topit experience, I'll bring some precut Topits and some double stick tape so we can put one into everyone's coat in order for them to work along. This workshop lasts 75 minutes. $35 Per person. Minimum of 6 participants. Supporting materials will be handed out when appropriate.

Second Method I'll be traveling with my apprentice (Jeff) who helps handle things at the lecture. He's helping me with my filming projects, so we're also planning to offer to video tape the Private Workshop, so each person attending can get a DVD copy of the experience. Because of the complexity, I would need to schedule this experience to begin 2 & 1/2 hours before the lecture. I would give 90 minutes of teaching. Also studentsget to have feedback and advice on specific routines THEY are working on; so for the best experience, they should come in prepared to perform something. This way, their DVD would contain specific feedback involving themselves, not just a record of the material I came to feature. We'd take a photo together, so they would receive a DVD packaged just as my others are packaged - with a full color cover featuring us together, with a custom created DVD of the experience contained inside. All of this, including the custom DVD featuringeach individual on the cover ofhis own DVD, would be only$95 per person. The price for this iswill eventuallygo up, but this is literally be the first time I've offered this experience to anyone, anywhere.

We appreciate your business and always strive to make you as happy as possible.