Mercury Wand

Mercury Wand (out of stock)
Mercury Wand (out of stock)
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Wands are useful in magic for many things. Michael uses his most often in his Cups and Balls routine - to execute the Vernon/Mora wand spin, Williamsons' Striking Vanish, and the Through the Fist vanish.

This wand is a choice among professionals - because it is a bit longer than average (13 1/2"), and has the kind of weight neccessary to do the wand vanishes. Made of heavy gage aluminium with a black rubber coating in the center.

This is a classic-looking, regular wand (ungimmicked). We do not have gimmicked version of the Mercury Wand. If you want to learn various wand moves, the best source is the video: Michael Ammar's "Complete Cups & Balls video #2".


If the rubber should loosen from the aluminum bar, please follow these step to tighten:

1) Center the rubber on the wand

2) Set your oven to 160 degrees

3) Balance the aluminum tips of the wand on a cookie sheet - so the rubber does not touch anything while it is hot

4) Put in oven for 10 minutes

5) Remove from oven and allow to cool before handling

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